Zaha Hadid, two times winner of the Stirling Prize, celebrates the launch of her third London project, the Roca London Gallery

  • The design proposal from the Zaha Hadid Architects' studio successfully transforms what was once an ordinary space to an exciting new dimension in interiors.

  • Zaha Hadid's inspiration was elemental water in all its forms and the result is a spectacular and influential space in the heart of London's Chelsea Harbour.

Zaha Hadid and her team have created a design that is not just purely visual, it also uses the art of precision and control to help the visitor understand the relationship between the architecture of the space and the design of Roca bathroom products.

Zaha Hadid elaborates:
"Our work imbues architecture with the intricacy and beauty of natural forms. Using a formal language derived from the movement of water, the Roca London Gallery has been eroded and polished by fluidity; generating a sequence of dynamic spaces carved from this fascinating interplay between architecture and nature."

The Roca London Gallery consists of a single floor measuring 1,100m2, where, as the Zaha Hadid studio intended, it appears that water has sculptured and defined each and every detail of the space. 

Roca's commitment to design and innovation is clearly visible in the exterior of the building with its distinctive and unique façade which gives the Roca London Gallery its identity. Three almost organic portals which appear to have been shaped by water erosion open up this space to the city. 

The movement of water is the overriding theme in the Roca London Gallery - flowing and merging exterior and interior spaces. The interior is sculptured white concrete and its state of the art lighting connects each of the different areas whilst serving as a central axis around which the Roca London Gallery revolves.

The interior is fabulous, functional and flexible, featuring cutting-edge, modern, audiovisual, sound and lighting equipment. This technology provides interaction with the brand and the opportunity to discover the company's history, its landmark achievements and the values on which all of Roca's work is based: the commitment to sustainability and particularly to innovation, design, wellness and saving water.

The Roca London Gallery is intended to be much more than just a display space. Available to an extensive audience that will include everyone from design-savvy architects to design-hungry students, it will become a London hub hosting a wide range of activities such as exhibitions produced in-house or externally, meetings, presentations, seminars and debates, the criteria being a celebration of design in keeping with the Roca brand and company values.

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) is a global leader in pioneering research and design investigation. Collaborations with corporations that lead their industries have increased the practice's diversity and knowledge, while the implementation of advanced design and manufacturing technologies have aided the realization of Hadid's innovative architectural concepts. Working at all scales and in all sectors, ZHA creates transformative spaces in synchronicity with their surroundings.